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Mancala is a very old game that was played in Africa in countries like Syria, Lebanon or Egypt.
This game was mentioned first in 6th and 7th century AD and all that players needed was some seeds and a wooden Mancala board.
Although it is an ancient game it required intelligence, attention and vision.

Mancala is also known in different countries or regions with other names like: Woro, Awele (Awale), Oware (Owari), Kboo, Kbo, Ayo, Ayoayo, Kale, Aghi, Bantumi.

In America you could find it under the name of Mandink and in Kenya for example is known as Endoidoi.

But by far the most common other names are Kalah and Oware (Owari). And also maybe Awele (Awale) or Ayo and even Wari.

It was brought in USA under the name of Kalah and a commercial version became popular in the 1940s. in the West Africa and the Caribbean you could find the name Oware (Owari).

Both Kalah and Oware (Owari) represent Mancala but maybe with some changes. It is said that Kalah or Oware (Owari) are not a Mancala game but are part of the Mancala familiy board games.

Your objective is simple: get more gems than your opponent. So if you collect more gems in your mancala at the end of the game you are the winner.
But sometimes is not that simple. There are some rules and strategy that can help you or destroy you.

Each player have 6 cups. Initially each of the cups has the same number of gems (there is the option where you can have a variable number of gem) and the opponents will take turns.
On each turn you must select one of your cups that contain gems in it and redistribute it's gems clockwise to the next cups. If the last gem that you redistribute lands on your mancala you receive another turn. If the last gem that you redistribute lands on an empty cup from your side you "steal" all the gems from your opponent side. The game ends when you or your opponent have/has no gems in the cups from your or his side.

You can play agains a friend or against the computer. You can change the number of gems in each cup (2,3,4 or 5 or variable), the number of places for gems available in the cups and 4 type of difficulty for the computer. Some graphical changes are also posible like the colors of the gems. You also can play in a time limited per round and also change the first one to start (you or the computer).

Don't forget to play the quest. 3 seasons available with 32 levels each. The computer will became stronger as you manage to move forward. He will play more aggressive or more defensive. The number of gems will change and other interesting things that will make this quest very nice. The second season is time limited so for each turn you will have a limit amount of time to do your move. If you don't make the move you will lose your turn. It gets really complicated at the end when you will only have 3 seconds for your turn. The third season is with a variable number of gems in each cup so the clasic strategy and moves could not be used here.

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