Quick Touch Multiplayer

Quick Touch Multiplayer

Quick Touch Multiplayer is a very funny and addictive game.
You can play against a friend in the multiplayer mode or just yourself to train, increase your speed or for fun.
Single player or multiplayer, the rule is very simple. Touch in the correct order a list of numbers, letters, roman numbers, greek and russian letters, chinese, thai, arabic numbers or something else as quick as you can.

You have the option to select the size of the table. You can select only 4 dimensions from 3x3,4x4,5x5,6x6,7x7,8x8,9x9,10x10 and more. The 4 dimensions depend on your screen resolution.
So a bigger table will be more difficult than a smaller table. For a table like 4x4 you will only have 16 numbers or letters and for a table with 10x10 there will be 100 numbers.

You can also select the type of game. You can have numbers (a list of numbers from 1 to 25 or 1 to 100), or letters (the list will start from a,b,c,d,... and so on and it can get to aa,ab,...), or roman numbers (like IV or XIX ... do you know this?). Chinese, thai, arabic numbers are also available. You can play with greek and russian(cyrillic) letters, prime numbers, square numbers (instead of 1 2 3 4 you will have 1 4 9 16 and so on) and also random numbers (press them also from smallest number to biggest one).
So it is not only how quick you tap or your speed or reflexes. Some general knowledge will for sure help.

Also another option is what happens to a number (or letter) when you tap it. It can disappear (and in that way it will be easier for you to finish the game because you will have less numbers from where you search), it can fade away (is like the first option but the number will remain with different color) or it can remain like all the others and in this way it will be much more difficult.

The multiplayer game or 2 player mode is a very good way to test your speed and reflexes with a friend.
It is very funny and competitive. Your touch screen will be split in 2 and each one of you will have a set of numbers, letters, etc.
Touch the numbers as quick as you can and try to be faster than your friend to win the competition. For multiplayer game (2 players) it will be better to have a bigger touch screen.
In 2 player mode you have 3 options for game play: your table and your friend table will be in the same order (the numbers, letters ... will be exactly at same position on the table), the 2 tables will be differently arranged or the competition will be won by the one who will tap more numbers.
The last one is very simple: for each number that you touch you get one point and in the end the one with more points will win. And also once you tap a numbers the other opponent cannot tap the number. So be quick about it and beat your friend in all types of competition.

Check also the quest. Very interesting and fun. All the levels are time limited. That means that you have a limited amount of time to press in the correct order all the numbers or letters. There are more than 400 levels. Different rules (numbers, letters, roman numbers, greek, hex and more) and different table shapes (square, star, circle and other) and also different table size. In the end it gets very difficult not only because of less time to solve it but also the numbers or letters will not disappear.

This game is recommended for higher resolutions for multiplayer games.
Enjoy the game!