The Mouse Labyrinth.

The Mouse Labyrinth

Help your hungry mouse to find the cheese in the Labyrinth.
Enter teleport doors or unlock gates, avoid traps or slide on ice floor.
Test your skills in 180 levels over 3 sesions(clasic, ice, fog), more to come.
This is an ad-supported game. No advert version will be available soon.
Please send feedbacks for improvements and bug fixing.

To play this game you have to move the mouse inside a labyrinth and find a cheese.
The location of the cheese is given in the map available at the starting of the level or when you pause the game. Touch the screen to tell the mouse where it should go.
If a path to that location is visible the mouse will follow it.

There are 7 types of teleportation and all of them are one way door.
These means that you cannot came back to the old position so be careful not to get yourself trap as not all the teleport doors are usefully.
Some of them are just to take your mouse in the wrong direction.

If you find a lock door that means that you need a key to open it. Search the labyrinth for that key. It must have the same color.
Once you find a key you will have it for the entire level and you can open all the lock doors with that color.

A map of the labyrinth will pop up when you press the pause button where you can see your location (the yellow part) and the cheese (the green part).
Here you will not see: lock doors, different items like keys and hourglasses or teleport doors.

Hourglasses will expend your time to finish the level.

Also a danger in the labyrinth is a trap as it will open if go past it. So you can't go back and if you were on a wrong way your pet will be lost in the maze.
You can see a trap like a small square in the ground and as soon as your pet go past it it will rise and will close the labyrinth in that way.

Ice Season have a new future: ice floor where the mouse act differently. It slides until it finds a wall or a normal floor so it will be harder to find the food.
All the other stuff will also be here (hourglasses, teleportation, locked doors, traps).
Here you can find a new token: ice break. You can used it only when you are on ice and will stop the sliding in a few steps. This will apear in the left part of the screen and you have to press it to use it.
Some levels are difficult because you have to stop on a specific point. So good luck.

In Fog Season all mazes are cover with fog. So you will discover the labyrinth on your way to the cheese. Also the map when you pause the game will be covered with fog.
But don't worry you can find tokens that will help you on your way. You can find the light token that will discover a area around the mouse.
Or the radar token where you can see a map of the maze with all the elements inside like teleport doors, keys, unlock doors, ice floor, the cheese.
And also the fog transformer token. This will allow you to transform into fog and go through wall or locked doors or traps.
You must be sitting in front of a wall and then press the token from the left part and your pet will go through that wall.

This game is playable on all resolutions but we recommende the devices with a resolution of 800x480 or higher.
Have fun!