Untangle Space


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Untangle the connections of the planets through the galaxy.
Six seasons available and 216 levels.

This is a classic untangle game with different difficulties and challenges and very addictive.
The goal is to move the planets through the galaxy so the connections between them do not overlap.

There are 6 galaxies (seasons) available right now with 36 levels each. But we will add new galaxies so the universe will became bigger and bigger. All levels are time dependent.
You can move a planet by touching it and drag it in other location. Be careful not all planets can be moved and also not to position one planet to close to another. Both will became red because 2 objects can't be at the same time in the same location in universe.
The first galaxy is a standard one. The only idea is to not have connections of the planets that overlap. As you go around the galaxy the levels will be more difficult (more planets and links between them)
In the second galaxy there will be some new stuff like fixed planets and holes.
The fixed planets can't be moved from their location in space. So you have to move all the other planets around them to finish the level. Also the holes in the universe are specific places where a planet should be (any planet) from that system.
The third galaxy is very difficult because the connections between planets will became more or more transparent until it becomes invisible. That does not mean that this links don't exist. There will only be visible the links that overlap so you know where is the problem.
In the fourth galaxy everything is moving. The planets will spin continuously make in it difficult to arrange them.
The fifth galaxy will introduce the blue and light blue planet. The blue planet can be moved only once. After you move it the planet will became a fixed planet. The light blue planet can be moved twice. After the first move it will transform into a blue planet and behave like it.
In the sixth galaxy the connection between 2 planets could be fixed so when you move one planet you will move also all the planets that have fixed connection with that planet.

Other interesting stuff is available.
Please send feedbacks for improvements and bug fixing.

This game is playable on all resolutions and we recommended it on any devices.
Have fun!